Standing Member of China Inorganic Salt Industry Association
Standing Vice-Chairman Member of China Inorganic Salt Industry Association Chromium Branch
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ISO14001 International Environmental Management Certification Enterprises
OHSAS18001 Occupational Health Management System Certification Enterprises
National Key Project "863" Program Lead Enterprises
National Model Staff  Family"
National Industrialization Demonstration Project
National Advanced Unit of Energy Saving and Emission Reduction
Sichuan Civilized Unit
Sichuan High-Tech Enterprises
Sichuan Enterprises Technology Center
Sichuan Developing Circular Economy Pilot Enterprises
Sichuan Constructing Innovation Pilot Enterprises
Sichuan Cleaner Production Pilot Enterprises
Sichuan Science Demonstration Enterprises
Sichuan Safety Standardization Level 2 Enterprises
Sichuan Famous-Brand Products Enterprises
Sichuan Famous Brand
Sichuan Re-contract and Trustworthy Enterprises
Standing Member of Sichuan Leather Industry Association
Advanced Unit In followout Labour Law, Trade Union Law of Sichuan Province
Employment of College Graduates Apprentice Base of Sichuan
Youth Employment Entrepreneurial Apprentice Base of Sichuan

Group Profile

      Sichuan Yinhe Chemical Co., Ltd. is the largest enterprise that researches, develops and manufactures chromate salt in China, as well as  key undertaker of national 863main program. Its consisted of  eight wholly-owned holding subsidiaries, two sub-subsidiaries (one

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